Film Blogger

We are looking for 3-4 talented film bloggers, who write 4K Blu-ray movie and cinema reviews. If your dream career to be a film blogger, but didn’t know how to start it, it’s a good chance for you. More than 600 movies have already been published on 4K Blu-rays and we need reviews about all of them.

What we give you:

  • Create a separate film blog for you: WordPress website, domain, hosting, SEO. It won’t cost you anything. You can make it for your own style.
  • Send you 4K discs for the reviews, that you have to return, but it won’t cost you anything. We pay the return postage as well.
  • Pay your cinema tickets (when the cinemas will open again.)
  • Give you access for our photo and trailer collection, so you don’t have to worried about these.
  • Link your blog posts to our website, that will help at the SEO, and bring you more visitors.
  • You can work from your home with your time schedule.

What we expect from you:

  • Live in the UK. (Bristol area is an advantage, because we are based in Bath, but not necessary.)
  • Have a good English literacy and spelling. We won’t check all of your works.
  • We are expecting that you will write at least 3 reviews (1200 – 1500 words) weekly. More content will bring you more visitors and more income. It’s up to you.
  • Spend enough time for this career and take it seriously. Depending on your writing speed it can be 15-25 hours a week, include film watching.
  • Have a proper equipment for the tests (4K Blu-ray player, 4K TV, sound system), computer and internet connection for the writing.
  • Experience with WordPress is an advantage, but not necessary. We can train you how to upload your posts.
  • Be motivated, enthusiastic and reliable.
  • Be patient, because it takes even a year to build up a successful blog.
  • All the articles that you create is yours, but you can’t publish it anywhere else.
  • At application we will need some sample articles.

Some example blogs:

What you can earn:

  • We are not paying for the written articles.
  • But we setup adverts on your site and all the income from it is yours, similar like you create your own blog. You will have access for the ad management system.
  • We may need some copywriter job (for example profile content of actors, directors) on our website, that will be paid if you help us with it.

If you are interested in to build a career as a film blogger, please write us here or on Facebook.
Please, write about yourself (what do you do now for living) and answer the following questions:

  • Please, write about your writing experience (specially about movies or movie reviews).
  • Do you own 4K equipment (4K Blu-ray player, 4K TV, sound system) or would you invest to buy one? Do you have computer and high-speed internet connection? Are you a collector of 4K movies? If yes, how many titles do you have?
  • For paid job from us, you need to be self-employed. Are you self-employed or would you be if it’s need in the future?

We don’t need CV and you can send sample articles later.
We started the 4K Movies UK website in last November, that’s why it’s still so empty. Work with us, to create a great website and community here!